7 Ways To Rock A Business Suit

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Wed 27th Sept by Kevin

7 Ways To Rock A Business Suit

We live in an age where every men’s shop, department store or supermarket sells suits. This can make finding a suit that’s going to last and look good a bit of a minefield. You really need to know what you’re looking for.  
Wearing a good quality suit for work has always made men feel smart and confident and can create the right impression with corporate colleagues and bosses.

A suit is a great place to start for the newly enthused fashion man who wants to come out of his shell.

Here's are our Top tips for those who must wear business attire every day. 

1, Select a good fabric check the label usually found in the jacket pocket, it will tell you what the fabric’s made from. A good suit cloth will contain at least 50% Wool if mixed, yet 100% natural fibres are best. Expect Wool, Silk, Linen, Cashmere or a combination of these. If it’s made from only Polyester, Lycra, Viscose or Rayon it’s synthetic and will lose its shape quickly and be uncomfortable to wear.

2, How and where it’s made Have a good look over the suit and make sure it’s well made, all seams are straight and there are no loose threads or stitches. Have a look at the label again inside the jacket, it may tell you where it’s made, if it’s made in the far east i.e. China or Thailand they often make things very cheaply so be careful. European production is usually to a better standard.

3, Layer-Layer A business suit doesn’t mean a boring suit, add a layer, make it a three piece with a waistcoat or a sleeveless pullover. You can add some colour with knitwear too, some personalised style goes a long way.

Atelier Torino Suit
4, Pattern play a bold patterned suit like a check or stripe can be a statement in itself, but make sure the pattern matches up on the seams, over the shoulders, between lapel and collar, and through jacket pockets. If a maker has perfected this it looks really impressive - a true sartorial tip!  If you want to mix up patterns – fine, but don’t overdo it, there’s checks, spots, paisleys, stripes and florals the combinations are infinite.

5, Shine with Leather really anything goes when it comes to adding the leather. Start with a mixture of shoe styles, dark shoes with light suits, light shoes with dark suits, it’s not always black anymore. Light tan with navy or deep burgundy with charcoal are favourites, but pick out the suit buttons or lining and be sure the belt matches the footwear perfectly.

6, Access-ories add some bling and buckles, this is the secret weapon when it comes to a sharp suit, take a navy suit and match with bright red braces for a flash of colour, finish your cuffs with some shiny cuff links or add texture and colour with a pocket handkerchief.

7, Neck wear the choice of tie is Uber-personal to the wearer, it communicates your personality, it can be toned into your shirt, or offset against it. It can pick out a colour in your suit or your eye colour, it can be slim and trendy or more classic. A silk or wool tie is of the best quality to go with a suit of equal standard. 

Being creative, building your business wardrobe can make you stand out in the corporate world.  This is where we can help, at Heaphys you'll find a variety of suit colours, patterns and styles.  Our selection of shirts and accessories is equally comprehensive.  And of course our team are always here to assist the next time you come suit shopping..... 


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