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Didn't you Know? we're a shop for men of all ages
Mon 10th July  by Kevin

Why we're a retailer for all ages and where we are today.

In the last 10 years of my time at Heaphys much has changed and much has improved. 
Many of our customers want clothing that fits, but not only that, they want clothing that’s going to fit consistently when they come to buy the same brand again and again. A good fit has become one of the most important factors for a modern man. So much so that there’s a fashion for slim fit particularly for younger gents. This can work, but it doesn’t work for everyone. It certainly doesn’t work for stocky ex-rugby players like me!

So over recent years our makers have adapted to this change and so have we. There’s now much more CHOICE; something for almost everyone. When we buy for the season we’re buying from 3 to 4 different fits, and carefully considering our valued customers. And in turn our makers provide consistent sizing and fit to a far higher standard than you might find on the high street, eliminating most of the risk.

With this in mind some younger gentlemen might think we are a shop for “older guys”. We get this - we completely understand! 

"A good fit has become one of the most important factors for a modern man"

Heaphys is a shop with a traditional appearance that’s steeped in a proud history of over 185 years in menswear. We don’t have cold, hard shiny floors, futuristic fixtures and loud music, but we do have better clothing that consistently fits pretty much everyone and will last a lot longer than some of the fashion brands.  It’s the more mature gentlemen that know about our clothing and the consistent fit. They’ve known this for a long time, ever since they started shopping with us….

Our shirt makers now offer 5 fantastic fits

Maybe you too would like 
- clothing that fits beautifully
- clothing that fits the same every time you buy it
- a wide range of choice
- a high standard of quality, cloth and workmanship
- clothing that you’re going to look good in, and feel good wearing for a long time.

Have a look at some of the images of our stock, and perhaps give us a try next time you need a suit or some new threads.

Not only do we have great clothing for younger guys, but we are warm, friendly, helpful and will - for free – slice a little off the leg if the clothing you buy needs altering too!

Now where else do you get that kind of service?

part of the Heaphys team

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