Blunder buys, for Boys

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Blunder buys for Boys

You MUST do this BEFORE you buy a Suit or Jacket.

Mon 29th May 2017     by Kevin

Take it from the Tailors, your good clothing can fit properly, if you follow this advice,  and it's really easy to do!

We have all been there before - made a purchase that we have regretted.  For whatever reason, sometimes we just don't get it right, right?   So how about if I told you there is one thing you should always do when you are on the lookout for a smart new Suit or Jacket.....

When you are trying a jacket on always make sure the sleeve is the correct length, if its too long you should check the cuffs. Some jackets (particularly those with a "Designer" label) make the cuffs into a Working Cuff.  This means the button holes are cut right through the sleeve mitre, making it almost impossible to shorten from the base of the sleeve.

The buttons will move freely in the holes if given a tug about.  Often jackets come in different lengths so you may be able to find one that looks a better fit, if not it might be worth looking for something else.  If however the button holes are not cut through that's called a "Sham hole stitch" and that's A-OK for altering (yes we can do that for you).
Here is how a working cuff looks and works.

So remember gents'

- Try it on in store
- Check the jacket sleeve length is correct
- If it isn't you need to check if it has a Working Cuff
- If it does buy something else, because it doesn't matter how much you love it, you will regret it
- If it doesn't have a Working Cuff bring your new purchase to Heaphys for adjustments to be made.

. . . .Hey Presto! you look and feel good in your new threads!

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