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If you invest in Wool you get all this.... 
I want to talk about Wool. There seems to be a common misconception about it. 
Not so long ago my Mother-in-law mentioned to me that she can't wear wool...... this got me thinking...... 
Why not? (I would have asked her this if I wasn't so afraid of her.)  
The only reason I can think of is she must find it itchy and uncomfortable against her skin. In my opinion she must have bought a rather inexpensive garment containing cheaper wool fibres. My mum-in-law happens to work for a supermarket and you only have to look at a few labels inside the knitwear there to discover the garments are part-wool part-polyester or acrylic, made in the far east and will set you back around £15, it's never going to be a high quality product is it? 
Once I was bought a burgundy V-neck jumper from Primark for about £8, it was supposedly made from 80% lambswool but it was like wearing a Brillo pad!! the quality was awful. I need to tell people - Not all wool is like this! 
So unless you have very sensitive skin I am sure there is a type of woollen garment you can wear in complete comfort. You just have to look a bit harder, check what its made from and be prepared to pay a little bit more for quality - it's well worth it. 
Here are the 6 main benefits of wearing wool 
1, Warmth This is obviously the number one benefit of a woollen product. Naturally it keeps body temperature regulated and provides insulation from the cold. It also explains why my Mother-in-law's heating is always set at about 30°C. 
2, Breathability Wool can absorb and wick away large quantities of moisture from the skin's surface making you less prone to clamminess and allowing the skin to breathe. This property only exists in natural fibres making synthetics much less comfortable. 
“Naturally Breathable” 
3, Keep Cool I know.... knitwear can keep you cool. As strange as it may sound wool is an active fibre that reacts to changes in body temperature. Wool will never cling to the body when it's hot, and garments made from a finer wool like Merino are highly beneficial for keeping you cool. 
4, Health Because of the way wool performs, wearing bed socks and sleepwear is proven to help you get a better nights sleep, wearing wool can also help people with certain skin conditions and joint problems. 
5, Safety Wool is extremely fire resistant, due to its inherent chemical structure it will only ignite above 570°C, furthermore it never melts so it can’t stick to the skin like many common synthetics. 
6, Renewable naturally Wool is infinitely available and very easy to source due to vast populations of Sheep, Goat, Alpaca, and Possum in Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and the Americas thus making wool great for the environment too. 
At Heaphys we are passionate about our wool, most of the suits we have are made purely from it and many of our wool products are machine washable thanks to new treatment technologies. We are always looking to offer something new in store, particularly in knitwear this year, we will have a greater range of Merino & Possum blend sweaters, socks, gloves and hats and a new brand from Scotland arriving around September time. 
Hey thanks for reading. 
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