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Some things can’t be rushed. A made to measure suit is one of those things. Getting it right does take some time and of course some care and attention. 
Some things can’t be rushed. A made to measure suit is one of those things. Getting it right does take some time and of course some care and attention. 
But there is a process and you can expect to see the results of your order, measurements, and investment in a fairly short amount of time considering the work that goes into it. 
A tailored suit is certainly a good choice and one you’ll be grateful you made for years to come. Suits ‘off the peg’ are great, and when measured professionally will fit well. But a made to measure suit is created specifically for your body and tastes - and that’s another level of comfort, style, and fit. 
Let’s take a look at what goes into creating a made to measure suit… 
Made to measure suits: The process from walk-in to finish 

1. The big idea. 

Before you start, it’s a really good idea to have the right starting point. It helps if you have an idea of the style you want to create before you arrive. 
No idea? Well you could discuss your tastes with us, or you could use our cloths and illustrated style guide to help inspire you, but we find you’ll get better results with some research into suits you’ve seen, liked, and even loved. 

2. Cloth. 

Once you’ve got a firm idea of the style of suit that you’re after you can then look to peruse through your ideal materials. 
You’ll be encouraged to spend some time looking at our range of cloths. There are some key things to know here (and we’ll talk you through that in store). 
· We tend to talk to you about the purpose of the suit to give you the best selection 
· We’ll narrow the search a little as there are thousands to choose from! 
· Then we can go through the style options with you. 
· Next up, we’ll help you choose some finer details like stitching, buttons, linings, and monogramming. 

3. And then it’s time to measure up. 

Measuring is the key ingredient to your tailormade suit, so next we’ll take a series of measurements and discuss exactly how you’d like the suit to fit. It will be created to your exact specifications and will fit you like a glove. 
After this initial visit (which takes around an hour) we’ll process the order with our tailor and the suit is put into the order and building process. 

How long does a made to measure suit take to make? 

Clearly this will take a little longer than ordering a suit online and clearly you’ll get a better suit because of it. 
Time waits for no man, but some things take time. It’s all worth the wait though. 
A made to measure suit will typically take between 6-8 weeks to make (after the above consultation and measurement session). 
With that in mind, we suggest that you add two weeks from the time of order to when we receive it in the shop. This will give you some space and time for adjustments, should they need to be done. 

Is it worth the wait? 

Aside from the obvious benefits of fit, style, and quality, a made to measure suit is a really great purchase and the experience all adds to the feeling you get when you wear one. 
When your suit is complete, you’ll enjoy a very satisfying feeling. A feeling that you not only created this suit and it was made, from scratch, just for you, but a feeling that you’ve got something unique. 
That’s one of the main reasons to go made to measure over off the peg. It’s a unique item of clothing and one made just for you. There’s something very special about that. 
Knowing that your suit is unique, you’ve played a big part in creating it yourself, and that it fits like nothing you’ve worn before, all adds up to a quality decision on all fronts. 

Made to measure suits in Warwick 

Established in 1831, we’ve produced thousands of garments for many delighted clients across the country. 
To discuss your next suit and how a made to measure suit could be your best new wardrobe addition please call us now on 01926 400647 or contact us here. 
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