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Five festive tips to keep you on trend but not looking dull this December! 
It’s that time of year when the parties are on, the fizz is out, and everyone lets their hair down and celebrates. We suspect you’re ready for the party atmosphere and that your diary has been filled with Christmas occasions. 
But if you’re a discerning gent, then how do you stay stylish amidst all this festive fashion? A Christmas jumper is all well and good, but isn’t it all a bit… trashy? Well, not always. A pullover can add some real class and much needed warmth this time of year so you might find it’s a welcome addition to your wardrobe. 
But you’ve got to approach it correctly if you want to maintain your fashion sense. Especially if you’re off to an important festive meet up or a party that requires you to keep your stylish reputation in-tact! 
So here are five festive tips to keep you on trend but not looking dull this December! 


Ok, so let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Or should we say the reindeer on your stomach? 
A Christmas jumper with a great big Rudolph on the front with a hilarious flashing nose will certainly help you stand out at the directors’ lunch, but you’ll probably get noticed for all the wrong reasons. 
Firstly, having a battery operated Matalan special is hardly flattering or stylish and if you’re trying to stand out for your intelligence, professionalism, and trustworthiness you’re probably not going to make it happen. 
Unless you’re going for office clown, tone it down. 
Why not go for something more subtle like a shirt with small snowflake motifs or even a seasonal tie with festive colours? 
Choose something seasonal that’s not going to frighten anyone from a distance. 


Red is the new black? Well, in December it is but that doesn’t mean you need to dress like a Father Christmas extra in a movie! 
Red is bright and bold and if it fits your normal attire and personality then great. But it might not be the approach you want to take. So, unless you’re planning on occupying a grotto for the day, tone it down a little and give a little subtle nudge to the festive season instead. 
Why not go for a few splashes of red in a classy scarf or some jolly festive socks that show when you’re sat down. Often, less really is more! 


One of the main ‘fashion crimes’ in December is the brazen approach to matching colours and items of clothing. Just because it’s festive, doesn’t mean it goes with anything! Most people will throw an outfit together will little or no regard to the colour or texture of the clothes and if you want to remain stylish, this tactic is best avoided. 
So, instead of throwing on random Christmas clobber put some thought into choosing the best combination instead. Why not pair your navy blue jolly jumper’s tan zig-zag pattern with a pair of tan chinos or shoes? Or match the reds and greens subtly with tailored shirts and quality socks. 


Uh oh.... You’ve got that Christmas jumper off the hanger and it’s now out of shape and oversized. You have coat-hanger-shaped saggy parts in the shoulders! This is normal, but avoidable. 
When you find a Christmas jumper that suits your tastes and style then look after it. Make sure you check what it’s made from as this will have a bearing on storage and you’re likely to store it most of the rest of the year. 
If it’s made from cotton and/or acrylic then you’re advised to fold it as a heavy knit jumper can grow if stored on a hanger for 12 months and that will lead to a disfigured and baggy festive pullover. As with everything, it’s all in the detail and looking well put-together is about how you wear your clothes, not just what you wear. 


If you do go down the Christmas jumper route then go for something more traditional and less tacky. Avoid the flashing noses, fake snowballs, and elves dancing and instead for something a little more tasteful. 
When is comes to Christmas jumpers we tend to recommend ones that are based on the Nordic or fair isle patterns as these will often be the better quality jumpers. They also look great with some jeans or cotton trousers and you’ll look less like an extra from a Griswolds movie! 
It’s entirely possible to stay stylish and warm this season. If you’d like some help with your winter wardrobe do drop in for a mince pie in our Warwick store. 
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