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The wedding season is almost over for us and we’ve seen some fantastic people over the summer during the exciting marriage season. 
The wedding season is almost over for us and we’ve seen some fantastic people over the summer during the exciting marriage season. 
We tend to see more men than women (although the brides often make an appearance) and we’re met with some common questions from our customers who want to hire or buy a wedding suit. 
One of those is how do I wear a suit for a wedding? Aside from the groom and groomsmen, many of the guests simply wonder whether their office suit is OK, or if fashion and etiquette dictates something different. So, here are the most common questions (both in our store and from Google) to help you out. 

How do you wear a suit for a wedding? 

Like any suit, getting the right fit and style for you is vital. There are a few rules with weddings (many set by the dress code) and those are worth adhering to, but what you really need to know is that you have a choice. 
At Heaphys we have suits for weddings to buy or hire or even a tailor made/made to measure suit service, so you’ll certainly be able to find a suit that fits you, in body and in style! 
The best bet is to pay a visit to a reputable menswear store that offers one or some of these options. 

What kind of suit should I wear to a wedding? 

This is a really common question for the men who come into our store. The thought of turning up to a wedding in an unsuitable suit is… well… unthinkable! What you should wear depends on the theme, style, or feel of the wedding day. You’ll get an idea of this from the invitations, but if you’re in any doubt at all, ask the bride. Her gig, her rules! 
Areas like religion, location, and the time of year could play a factor in the decision or direction of your suit. If you’re jetting off to a beach wedding the tradition is lighter colours and fabrics, such as a cream linen suit, but these can still look smart. Always aim to be comfortable in your suit on the day so you look happy in the photos which will be kept and displayed for years to come. 

Do you need to wear a suit for a wedding? 

In nearly all cases, you need to wear a suit for a wedding. A wedding is a real show, a big occasion, and the guests are a very large part of that. With that in mind, what they wear is a big part of the theme and look and feel of the day. 
If you’re an evening guest at a less formal wedding then sometimes a nice shirt and trousers would do, but we’d always suggest you err on the side of caution and have a jacket on a hanger in your car or the cloakroom in case of outside activities like fireworks etc. 

What should a man wear at a wedding? 

Depending on the theme or style of the wedding there are quite a few possibilities. 
The more formal weddings choose morning tails for a lunchtime wedding, or a black tie evening suit for a wedding later in the day. 
A versatile lounge suit with a waistcoat can come in a variety of cloths, colours, fits and styles and is a great option to consider. 
Or how about a Highland outfit? A kilt looks the part for a grand Celtic wedding! 
If you want to make a statement with a made-to-measure option you could have a shiny, lightweight, tweed, retro, or even gothic style. You really can go to town so long as the theme of the wedding allows. If it’s your own wedding, then maybe you could set the tone?! 

Is it OK to not wear a suit jacket to a wedding? 

Even at the hot summer weddings, it’s best to aim to have a jacket that you can wear for the majority of it. Most dinner announcements will tell the men they can take off their jackets, and evening guests can often get away with it. But the rule of thumb here is to arrive in a jacket. There’s nothing worse than arriving at a wedding and feeling out of place! 
Wedding suits – hire, buy, or tailor made! 

The main things to remember are: 

· The dress code will determine most of your decision. 
· 99% of the time, a suit with a jacket is best. 
· Aim to be comfortable. Especially if you’re planning to hit the dance floor later on. 
· You can stand out if you want to; just be respectful to the wedding couple (if you’re not the wedding couple!). 
Need more help deciding what’s right for you? 
We’ve been helping men look their best at weddings for decades. 
Come and visit our menswear shop in Warwick for expert advice and pearls of wisdom you simply won’t get in a regular store! 
Questions, comments, or feedback?  
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