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Finding the perfect men’s jacket can sometimes feel like a challenge, but with the right advice and help, there’s a jacket out there for you. 
A jacket can and does come in many shapes and sizes and thanks to good tailoring you’ll be able to get one that fits you perfectly. But with all the choice, can you have one jacket to fit all occasions? Or should you have a range of jacket options? Is one jacket ever enough? We don’t think so… 
We wanted to look at the most popular styles of jackets in this week’s blog and give you some ideas of when to wear one and why you should match the occasion with the jacket. 
We’ll look at five types of jacket in this blog: 
· The Blazer 
· The Tweed 
· The Traveller 
· The Henley 
· The Sports 
Each jacket has its day and its own special occasion. You could argue that if you’re an active man with many responsibilities and a busy social life you could well be in need of most of these. 
Let’s take a look through the wardrobe… 

The Blazer – The Old Favourite 

The blazer is the most common men’s jacket that you’ll come across and you’ll most likely own one already. This jacket is used for many occasions and you’ve probably got a favourite blazer that you take to all types of events. 
The stalwart in jackets is usually found in navy cloth with contrasting metallic buttons and can be worn as an alternative to a suit jacket with light grey or beige smart trousers. The blazer is great for business or smart occasions and you’ve probably got a funeral blazer that doubles as an office one. 
You may even find a slightly different take on the humble blazer from some of the more high quality jacket makers with textured cloth and brown buttons or even a more casual cotton version. 

The Tweed – The Countryman 

First worn out on the shoot or in the country by the discerning gent, tweed is seeing somewhat of a comeback for many events and is now not just for the high country rollers. 
Authentic tweed jackets are now a common sight at the races and tweed has become popular with gents who want to wear it to the pub or to the pub on the way to the races! 
The Cheltenham Gold Cup or The Derby are now a place to be seen in tweed, and some attribute its popularity to the TV show Peaky Blinders. 
Tweed is popular because you can really get creative with your choices as it comes in many variants. 
With tweed you can choose from: 
· Green 
· Brown 
· Navy 
· Grey 
And all in plain or Herringbone patterns. 
Make sure you’re not caught out with pretend tweed though if you’re really looking to make an entrance at the races. Authentic Tweed is made from 100% wool and the best quality ones are made in Great Britain or Ireland. Look great – buy from Great Britain! 

The Traveller – Chocs Away! 

One thing that a tailored jacket can struggle with is all day comfort and especially if you’re on the move. Hanging your jacket in the car between meetings might be an option for some, but if you’re on planes, trains, or other modes of transport for business or pleasure, you’ll want a jacket that can go with you. 
A traveller is a lightweight, summer jacket made from cooler materials like cotton, linen, or silk and because this style of jacket is less structured, it’s more comfortable. 
If you’re looking to look smart on your travels or in those luscious restaurants on holiday then a traveller matched with a linen or cotton shirt and a pair of chinos is the way to go! 

The Henley – Row, Row, Row Your Boat 

Much like the traveller… but with some extra pizzazz! More in keeping with the vibrant Henley Regatta than the country pub, the Henley owns its name and give you many places to go creative. 
The Henley is predominantly a summer jacket with a stripe and the bolder the better. If you’re into boating or off to Henley Royal Regatta then this is your jacket, sir! 
The Henley is your blazer, but with a stripe. Go for colour for a real statement. 

The Sports – The Adaptive Cruiser 

Need something a little more versatile than the Henley? Then look no further than the sports jacket. Made from fine wool and with a check pattern, your sports jacket is made for those occasions that require some style and some comfort, but allows you to make a statement if you want to. 
For a really cool style tips, pick out a colour in the check of your jacket and match with a plain waistcoat or cotton trouser. You can build an entire outfit around this type of jacket and you’ll really make a statement at your social occasions. 

Jackets for all occasions… 

One jacket fits all? 
Not if you want to truly stand out for all the right reasons. 
What does your life look like? Where do you go and how do you want to look? There are jackets to suit you and we’d love to help you find them. 
Visit us now at our Warwick suit shop or contact us right here and we’ll introduce you to your new companions. 
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