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Here's a story about how a new type of product found us... 
One day, not too long ago a box landed on our door step. But when we usually receive a box of stock, we more or less know who it’s from. This box was different, this box made us curious… 
So we’ve opened it up and inside were some fragrance testers, samples and some display materials and leaflets. We hadn’t asked anyone to send it to us, this was completely out of the blue. Why would a company send free stuff? If it seems too good to be true then it probably is right? 
Why would they just send it out? Because if they phoned and asked would we like some free stuff, we might say no. If they sent us an email, we’d probably think it was more spam. So surely the best way to get people to try - and hopefully like your product is to just send it, especially if it’s something you need to smell to appreciate. Initially our thoughts were “this isn’t for us”, “we don’t sell fragrances and we’ve never heard of this brand”. We thought we’d just leave them alone for a bit and see what happens, perhaps test them out, at the very least we’ve got some freebies - it says so on the box. 
"Our customers put their trust in us to provide quality not a designer name," 
The way we see it is this: At Heaphys we sell products based on quality not on their label. Our customers put their trust in us to provide quality not a designer name, so this could fit perfectly. Some nice fragrances could be perfect for the Heaphys story. A fragrance is certainly something for the senses, it would add a new dimension to our menswear business. 

Why pay for a name? 

People are prepared to pay a lot of money for a scented liquid in a bottle. With fragrances, the trust has been placed in the brand name, the designer. This used to happen a lot with suits and clothing, until the prices crept up and the quality wasn’t always there. You end up paying a hefty premium for a label. That’s where we fit in, we offer exceptional quality clothing for less than a designer brand, and it may be worth noting that makers like Hugo Boss use the same factories as our manufacturers. 
We’ve researched the brand and we are now stocking it, but we’d still like to see what you think. If you like to wear nice fragrances and are passing by our shop, pop in and ask to try some of this product. We have testers in a range of 8 fragrances in stock priced 15ml at £9.95 & 100ml at £26, we'd love to know what you think. 
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