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Fashion is hotting up, and for a very good reason. 2019 and the five years before it have seen some of the hottest months on record. 
Fashion is hotting up, and for a very good reason. 2019 and the five years before it have seen some of the hottest months on record. Some research is suggesting that July 2019 was the hottest since records began and beat July 2016, previously the hottest month recorded. 
It certainly feels like that, doesn’t it? We’ve had some rain in the UK, but all in all, the Summer of ’19 is a bit of scorcher. 
But how do you dress to impress and still look dapper in all this heat? Well… it’s time to get those legs out! 
Shorts are ideal for the hot weather, of course. But the real question here is how do you wear them (spoiler alert: not with a string vest!) and what’s the ‘done thing’ with shorts and formal and casual occasions? 

What’s the best length for dress shorts? 

Unlike trousers, which nearly always sit just on the shoe, shorts have many varying lengths and styles. 
So, what’s the best length? Well there’s no real answers as it’s down to personal choice but if you’re going for the more formal occasion then proper length is usually about an inch or two above the knee. But as we say, this is often an individual choice. 

Does the fashion of shorts change? 

Absolutely. Shorts follow the trends and influencers will always be behind those trends and fashion curves. A simple shorts fashion example are the iconic 80’s football shorts that were very ‘short’. They influenced the fashions on the high street. 
Remember the Bermuda shorts? The less said about those the better. 
Fashions will change but some shorts, like formal length and style, often stay traditional unless of course a celebrity wears something unique on the red carpet! 

Some variations in shorts can include: 

· Classic style: A shortened leg version of the men’s trouser with normal pockets and a slimmer leg through the thigh. 
· Cargo shorts: these can be slightly longer and have a looser fit. Cargo shorts are given there name because of the extra pockets on the outside of the leg. These are ideal if you need loads of pockets for travelling. They’re ideal for keeping your wallet, passport, phone and other travelling essentials close at hand but bulking them out will make them look less smart. 

What do you wear your shorts with? 

Shorts are very much a casual wear and are mostly worn with T-Shirts and half sleeve shirts at home or on holiday. A pair of shorts should be made from a fabric that’s ideally a cotton for comfort, and you’re likely to find a wide variety of options from style to colour, even in the formal ranges. 
We tend to stock shorts for the more traditional and classic style, whereas a high street store will supply other options for you. 
It all really depends on where you’re wearing them. Unless the dress sense is a more daring style, then you’re unlikely to see shorts at a wedding or formal occasion, but they are very much at home on a boat, beach, walking holiday or at home. 

What shoes do you wear with dress shorts? 

This is a key point to cover as you shouldn’t match up your dress shoes with your shorts. Shorts can be worn with a good variety of shoes though, so don’t panic. 

All of these options look great with shorts: 

· Deck shoes. 
· Driver shoes with pimpled bottoms. 
· Suede shoes. 
· Leather loafers. 
All of the above are ‘acceptable’ and look great when paired with a dress short 
One thing we must mention here is this: No socks please! Dress shorts should never be matched with shoes and socks. We’ll allow you to use some invisible socks (those that cover the foot, not the leg). 
It just doesn’t look right to have some socks, even short ones, covering the ankle. 

Ready for the cocktail party of the riviera 

Shorts can be stylish and we have a great range in store. They can be worn (within reason) to some of your summer events, but please do check the dress code as you would normally do. 
Some restaurants do have a strict policy on bare legs (on men) as do some hotels, so it’s worth checking before you go away. You wouldn’t want to be all geared up with your shorts and deck shoes only to be disappointed and lacking in style options on the costa del hols! 
Need more help? Feel free to pop into our cool and airy store in Warwick. We’ll happily chat shorts and beyond, and advise you on what would suit your shape and your occasion. You can find us right here. 
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