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How to make sure the beautiful leather shoes you have invested in last for many years… 
SHOES. They’re always needed but often forgotten - especially when Gents pack to go away to an event or a special occasion! 
Yet every man should have at least one good pair of quality leather shoes, if not two or three or four, because if you wear good shoes and care for them then they will not only last a long time but they will be beneficial to the things that carry you… your feet. 
Here are three of the best styles and colours we would recommend including in your wardrobe. 
Black - A classic toe cap Oxford style works perfectly with a navy, black or grey suit, or equally a very formal dinner suit or wedding suit, so these really are a must-have. 
Dark brown chestnut - either a plain shoe, Oxford, or brogue looks great with dark grey or navy suits to add some contrasting colour. They would also work very well with a more casual trouser, making them very versatile. 
Tan – A brogue is still highly regarded as the style to wear with jeans or cotton chinos, and this colour works perfectly for most. Available from Loake with a leather sole or a heavier, hard wearing rubber sole for the winter. 
How to make sure the beautiful leather shoes you have invested in last for many years… 
ROTATION. It’s best to wear different footwear each day. This allows the pair of shoes you wore last to recover naturally and the insoles to breathe for a few days. The more pairs you have, the more you can rotate them and the longer they will last. 
STYLE. Try and choose the correct style for your feet. If you have narrower feet you can wear most styles and a more pointed toe shape might fit you well. If you have wider feet be careful when choosing the width, shape and the type of lacing. A ‘Derby’ style like the tan brogue shown above might be the best type of adjustment as it won’t pinch. Be careful with slip-on styles, as a soft constructed shoe can encourage your feet to spread if worn too often. A slip-on is often best as an occasional shoe. 
THE POLISHING. Take time to polish your shoes regularly. We would recommend at least every fourth wear to maintain the leather. You’ll probably want to polish them before an important event, too. Always use good quality polish like Kiwi or Cherry Blossom in the appropriate colour. You can use a neutral cream (if they’re not scuffed), which feeds the leather and stops it from cracking. 
THE WEATHER. If your leather shoes get wet, always dry them naturally away from heat. Pack them with newspaper if they are soaked through, and use a polish once they’re dry to remove any white ‘tide marks’. 
REPAIR AND RE-SOLE. A Leather sole will eventually wear through and a hole will appear. Once this happens they need to be re-soled. Any good shoe maker like Loake offer a factory refurbishment where they remove the entire sole unit and replace it with a new one and condition the uppers, giving a nearly-new looking pair of shoes. Another reason why they’re worth the initial investment. 
INVEST. Importantly, choosing a good quality suit is a careful process that men take time over. I’d say it’s equally as important to do the same with your shoes. After all an immaculately dressed man in a scruffy pair of shoes is never a good look. And they do say you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes! 
As you’ve probably guessed, we are stockists of Loake shoes and can provide you with the styles you see above. Additionally we have some fantastic ranges from another fine English shoemaker, Joseph Cheaney & Sons. Have a look at what we do in store, or pop by for a chat. 
It'd be great to see you soon! 
P.S. Always break in new shoes, your feet will thank you for it. 
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