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It’s a wonderful time to be alive, isn’t it? We have so many opportunities and with the fast-moving age this seems set to continue. We’re constantly seeing some amazing advances in the world. But then, of course, you hear the counter-argument to all this ‘improvement’... 
It’s a wonderful time to be alive, isn’t it? We have so many opportunities and with the fast-moving age this seems set to continue. We’re constantly seeing some amazing advances in the world. But then, of course, you hear the counter-argument to all this ‘improvement’... 

The environment is paying the price. 

There’s a great quote that we want to share with you: 
"If all the insects were to disappear from the Earth, within fifty years all life on Earth would end. If all human beings disappeared from the Earth, within fifty years all forms of life would flourish." - Jonas Salk 
Worth some consideration. 
Whether that statement is true or nearly true, there’s still vast evidence that our advancement is at the cost of our precious planet, and recent movements against the plastic industry are certainly motivated by that. 
But what about our clothes? Can we make better choices there? 
Well, it turns out that you can. And what’s more, they have a host of other reasons to love them. 
And here at Heaphys we’re stocking something that will help you feel more grounded with nature as well as comfortable – bamboo socks! 
Why are Bamboo socks from Swole Panda a good choice. 
You might have not considered this before, but traditional cotton production used to create the materials for your everyday socks is causing harm to environment in many ways from the farming to the way it’s manufactured. 
Bamboo is a totally different material that has entered the clothing arena and we wanted to let you know about our great Swole Panda socks. 

Why choose bamboo for clothing? 

Bamboo is fast-growing 
Unlike traditional crops and materials, bamboo grows fast and takes up far less space. Whereas most crops need room alongside them to grow, bamboo grows straight up and needs little room to flourish. Bamboo takes a little as three years to mature, making it one of the most sustainable products you can find. 
Bamboo grows naturally 
Cotton is the largest non-food product farmed in the world today, and much like a lot of the farming world, this is only possible with strict and sometimes environmentally-harming processes. Cotton farming uses a lot of pesticides and harms the local water and environment. 
Bamboo grows fast and naturally, and although the demand for bamboo is far lower, it’s proving to be a far more natural ingredient to grow and manufacture for clothing and other goods. 
Bamboo is biodegradable 
One of the big concerns about a lot of what we, as humans, create is the waste and the recycling of the products. The big conversations around plastic certainly raises this concern. Bamboo is biodegradable and returns to the earth far better than other manufactured materials. Cotton, on the other hand, has been described as ‘dirty’ and many of the chemicals and pesticides used to mass create cotton is listed as harmful to humans. 
Bamboo is softer 
We understand many people will simply choose clothing for themselves, rather than the environment, and often compromising on that isn’t going to be a sustainable answer. The good news is, bamboo is softer than cotton, so you’re getting a softer feeling material AS WELL as saving the planet! 
Bamboo wicks away moisture 
Sweaty feet? The great news for bamboo wearers is that bamboo is well-known for its moisture ‘wicking’ and dealing with sweat easily. Its natural ability to deal with water is one of the big reasons to choose bamboo in clothing, and once you’ve worn some bamboo socks or underwear, it’s unlikely you’ll go back to cotton again. 
Bamboo is anti-bacterial 
Without getting into the science (and biology) or your socks and your body, there’s stuff going on down there in your shoes that you really don’t want to know about. Bacteria, although natural, can live in all sorts of undesirable places. Bamboo is great at combatting it and once again its natural ability to deal with this is another tick for using it in your socks and other clothing items. 
Bamboo is sensitive 
Some clothes can irritate your skin, and that may well be down to things like the manufacture as well as the way you wash them. Bamboo is a more sensitive material and may well suit your skin better. With the added benefit of keeping sweat and bacteria at bay, you may find that if you’re a sensitive type, bamboo is better for you. 
Bamboo controls temperatures better 
Your body will experience different temperatures throughout the day and your feet (and then socks) will have to cope with this. This is possibly why you’ll experience far less sweat in bamboo clothing and why wearing Swole Panda on your feet feels so great. 
Swole Panda socks are great at working with you, whatever you’re doing. 
Swole Panda, swell idea! 
We love the branding and the range and as you can see from the leaflets we’re handing out with the socks, Swole socks have many benefits. 
Pop in and grab some and see for yourself. Your feet will love you for it. 
You’ll also be able to see our fantastic range of Swole Panda bamboo sunglasses and watches, which we’ll tell you about on a blog very soon! 
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