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If you’re a man who cares about his appearance, then you probably want to stay fresh and up-to-date with everything that you need. You’ll have the right apps, read the right material, listen to the best content, and you’ll have a good wardrobe too. 
If you’re a man who cares about his appearance, then you probably want to stay fresh and up-to-date with everything that you need. You’ll have the right apps, read the right material, listen to the best content, and you’ll have a good wardrobe too. 
It’s great to eat well, read well, and work well, and dress well too. Your appearance is key in life, business, and leisure… but it’s about something deeper than just superficial things like fashion. 
There’s a very strong link between the way you dress and the way you feel. Adam Galinsky found something very interesting when he did. 
When Adam spoke to the New York Times, he said that the way he dressed one Halloween affected his mood, the way he felt, and the way he behaved, so he did some investigation. 
It turns out that “… wearing clothes causes people to ‘embody’ the clothing and its symbolic meaning”. You might well start to be what you wear! 
You might not want to embody a pimp like Adam’s costume, but you might want to embody a successful person, or at least one who has their life together! Fashion plays a big role in the way you feel and the accessories you use are key to this. 
At Heaphys we can help you get the right shirts for the right occasions, the right jackets, and now the right accessories. 
Here are the essential accessories we recommend you have in your wardrobe. 


Let’s start with the obvious (but not-so-obvious). Every man needs a collection of ties, but you’ll want to consider the occasions you might need them for. 
Office collection 
A good place to start is with your office suits (if you wear them). Having a good selection of ties means you can mix and match with your shirts and use only a few suits and still have a fresh look each day. 
Party collection 
We’re not talking novel ties here, we’re talking something for the office party or the wedding at the weekend. Having a ‘special’ collection of ties for those happy moments will help you separate working from playing. 
The funeral tie 
Sad, but true, every man will need a black tie in their collection and sadly it’ll get used more, the older you get. 


The belt is a must have item and one you pretty much own already, so why mention it? Well, much like ties you need more than one and one that matches your attire. 
Office belts - Black or brown leather to compliment your suit. 
Party belts - slightly more flamboyant if you wish and there to add some flare. 
Jean/chino belts – you’ll need a slightly different belt for your weekend jeans or chinos too, and you can be more adventurous with your colours. 
This isn’t an exhaustive list, but is a good starting point to work too. It’s also good to have some spares should your faithful belt fail on you one day. 


No modern man’s wardrobe is complete without a healthy collection of shoes. You don’t need to go crazy, but a good selection in your wardrobe is an asset, rather than a limitation for your busy life. 
Dress shoes – for the office and meetings, dress shoes are essential. We recommend you have more than one pair and have them slightly different in style or even colour (black and brown are a good option) if you wish. 
Party shoes – something a little more stylish or shiny for the weekends 
Deck shoes – for those weekends on the boat… or when you want to pretend you have a boat! (They also go well with chinos or dress shorts.) 
Wedding/race day shoes – Let’s face it, we all need a special pair of shoes for those special occasions. It’s always a treat to wear them because we’re always having fun in them! 


Remember when you couldn’t find yours? We’ve all been there and when you can’t find some, you usually have to make some calls to borrow some as it’s 7pm at night when folk like us have gone home! 
So, have more than one pair of them! 
Oh… and put them back in the drawer when you’re done with them! We can’t tell you how many pairs of cufflinks we find still attached to cuffs when hired suits are returned to us. 
That’s a good way to lose them. 
Get a box, put them back in the box, and store the box in a safe place… like your wardrobe or in your socks and briefs drawer, or even next to your belts if you’re really organised. 


Having more than one wallet might seem like a luxury, but when you think about it, your wallet is as much a part of your outfit as your belt and cufflinks. When you get your wallet out to pay for that business lunch compared to your coffee at the weekend, or at the bar at the races or wedding, it’s a different outfit and occasion - so why not make the transaction match your mood? 
We suggest you have a weekend wallet and business wallet at the minimum… 
… and get something quality! 
Go on… it’s where your wealth lives and when we’re talking superstition with fashion, the wallet has many ‘old wives tales’ attached to it you can’t ignore the link. Never give an empty one as a present, and don’t pay for that business lunch with a tatty old wallet muddy from the Rugby at the weekend! 


Smelling good is essential for your mood and your confidence. Don’t believe us? Go out without a fragrance on or forget to put on your underarm protection and tell us that you feel the same. You don’t; you simply don’t. 
More often than not, when you’re wearing a great fragrance, you’ll get complimented on your smell too, and that’s a really big boost. 
Multiple smells? Why not!? Have a weekend fragrance, an office scent, and one for those special times. 
When it comes to feelings, moods, and memories there’s nothing more powerful than a memory associated with a smell. 
You might want to wear your weekend fragrance in the week if it’s been tough one to help you through. Try it… and try our Yodeyma fragrances in our Warwick men’s store – they’re amazing. 
You’re all set to feel great! 
What you wear changes your mood and the way people treat you, look at you, and in many circumstances – talk you, is affected by your appearance. 
Dress to impress? We think you should dress to feel best. 
Need help looking (and feeling) your best? Come and see us in Warwick some time… 
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