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When is the best time to start planning, measuring, and booking your wedding suits? 
Weddings are a huge planning exercise and often involve a large outlay of money, too. Getting this special day just right is paramount and that means it can be a little bit stressful as well as a lot of fun. From flowers to favours and dresses to dances – weddings need to be well thought-out and budgeted for. 
The big items like the dress, venue, food, and entertainment get a lot of the limelight. But what about the suits? We know that in a traditional bride and groom wedding the bride tends to get most of the attention, but the chaps need to look good too. The groom is half of the happy couple, after all – and will be in so many photos! 
So, when should you start planning, measuring, and booking a fitting for your suits? 

Groom’s suits: End of a long list? 

Traditionally wedding suits to hire are organised quite far down the list of things to do. They’re often thought of after the flowers, cake, venue, cars, and of course after the dress. 
Most people leave it around six months prior to the wedding date to get their act together and organise the wedding suits. This will of course include the groom but also the best man and the ushers if you’re having them and then of course father of the bride if needed too. Don’t leave it too late though. We find the guys can sometimes be less inclined to get themselves into store to get measured up as quickly as you’d like. 
Not always, but more often than not, getting the ushers and even the best man or groom into store to measure up for the suits can take some effort, so allow yourself time for the odd forgotten trip or busy diary. 
You’ll also want to choose the suits first and then set up the measurement appointments. Getting all the diaries synced and decisions made can take time. 

Chosen the bridesmaid’s colours yet? 

Normally once the bridesmaid’s colours have been chosen it’s time for the groom and his men to choose their attire. Matching the style and colour is important for the whole feel of the wedding and the look in the photos. The dress, then the bridesmaids, and then the suits is the normal route here. 
Ties or cravats are often matched in colour and some couples prefer to match everything even down to the shirts and waistcoats. This is again why the suits are often the last in the long line of jobs to tick off on a wedding to do list. 
Choosing too soon might not be a great idea for the fashion conscious! 
A wedding can often take years of planning! Wedding fashion styles can change along with en-vogue colours. 
It’s perfectly fine to wait until six months before the wedding and we recommend that you do so that you have the suits you really want; not the ones you really wanted two years ago! Keep looking for inspiration and get the theme of your wedding nailed down before rushing into ordering rented or bespoke tailor made suits. 

What about the kids’ suits? 

We like to measure the little show stealers for their suits and outfits around two to three weeks before the wedding day. Kids grow so fast and can easily have a growth spurt within a few weeks that will make their trousers and jackets look a bit odd. 
So get them arranged, but leave the measuring till last to ensure you’re giving them the best fit possible. Bear in mind that most children are happy to wear school uniform but some will show some resistance to wearing something ‘boring’ so make it fun and tell them that they have some special jobs (and superpowers) on the day. 

Suit you, sir? 

The groom might want all or part of his outfit to be made as a bespoke suit especially for the occasion. For bespoke work and tailoring we always recommend a lead time of eight to ten weeks for a made-to-measure, well-fitted suit. So plan for about the same time as ordering your rented suit really. Come in to our Warwick store when you have around six months to go and get the process in motion. 
Of course, if you’re having all the suits tailor made then you’ll need to factor in the time it takes to get everyone in for measuring and still allow eight weeks lead time. 

Here to help… 

We’re always happy to chat through any ideas, questions or concerns that you have about your wedding suits and wedding outfits. Pop into our Warwick men’s store and talk to one of our helpful team, or come and see us at a wedding fayre, where we’ll be happy to chat all things wedding! 
Thanks very much for reading. 
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