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Each year we see changing trends in everything from cars, to music, and of course in fashion. Although we’re a traditional men’s clothing store in the medieval town of Warwick, we’re still very much interested in changes in fashion. 
In 2018 we saw a few changes to the styles that men were wearing and the requests for our range of clothing and we expect to see a few changes in 2019 too. 
Among the array of clothing options, men’s trousers seem to have a lot to offer in fashion so we thought we’d take a look at the top trends we expect to see this year. Some will change, some will stay the same, as does fashion across the board. 
Let’s take a stroll (in some well-fitted trousers) and see what’s looking good this season… 

Waistbands – high or low? 

It has been said that you can tell a man’s age by the height of his waistband. Although that sounds crazy, you can of course see the difference between a young skateboarder and Grandpa Simpson! The height of the waistband was even set out as a graph back in 2010 by the BBC, no less! 
We’re mostly at the mid-range of the hilarious BBC chart though. Trousers have been worn on the hips in most cases in the past year and we don’t expect that to change in 2019. We’re less skate board and more board room here at Heaphys and recommend that our men wear their trousers ‘on the hips’ to stay stylish this year. 

Plain front 

Simple style has been winning the vote for some time now and in 2019 we expect that to continue. Trousers with a plain front have been a popular choice for men with less fuss and more clean lines. Add to that a narrow 15” to 16” hem and you have a simple but highly effective design that sets you apart from the rest with a simple, yet elegant choice of trouser. 

Slim fit 

One of the biggest areas of change for the trousers is of course the fit. We talked in more detail about this in our recent blog on how men’s trousers should fit, and one of those styles was a popular choice with men at the moment. 
The slimming style with added comfort and stretch is now seen as a more fashionable option than the slightly loose fitting trousers. Think Daniel Craig as James Bond and you’re not far off the mark. Slimming fit with enough room to jump into an Aston Martin before leaping off a cliff might not be exactly what you need, but maybe being able to run for that cab in the city or climb the stairs to your next meeting might be more useful? 


A long favourite of the discerning gent, the chino goes from strength to strength and is seen as a good option to have in any man’s wardrobe. This is purely down to the sheer choice you have with chinos. The versatile trousers comes in an array of colours and styles making it a great choice for many occasions and a great option or options to have in your wardrobe in times of fashion choice for all types of occasions. 
Get some chinos in your wardrobe for 2019. Have a look at neutral tones like camel, navy and grey. These incredibly adaptable and wide-ranging trousers fit and suit your lifestyle no matter what you’re up to. 


Of course the world-famous jeans are still the staple diet of many a man’s fashion with some opting to wear them all the time. Since 1871 when Levi Strauss and Co. bought the incredibly popular addition to the trousers range to fashion, jeans have been a huge success and come in an incredible range of colours and styles. 
Men continue to experiment with jeans, some good, some not so good and with the choice of fit it’s important to find a jean that suits you and the rest of your outfit. Slouchy backsides are not really our style and best left to the teens or young music artists, but we’re certain we’ll see more changes to this very popular fashion in 2019 as we have done since the 1800s! 
If you’re interested in what 2019 holds for the world of men’s denim, check out this link. 

Suits you, Sir? 

Of course, we’d be more than happy to talk to you about your options and, as we do with all our customers, measure you up for the perfect fit for fashion, your body and the style you’re after. 
Why not make it your New Year’s resolution to come and see us in Warwick? 
Add some quality additions to your wardrobe which will last way beyond 2019. 
We look forward to seeing you! Feel free to contact us now. 
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