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Mens Ties and Neckwear in Warwick 

Men’s clothing and the final look of an outfit isn’t all down to the suits, shirts, and shoes. The classic accessories that set off the outfit are essential to the final look and most office or formal outfits would be incomplete without some good neckwear. 
Often considered at the end of buying or hiring an outfit, men’s neckwear can make or break your look and deserves a little more attention! 
Men’s neckwear dates back to the early 1600s, and, as with many fashions, it started within a uniform environment. 
“The necktie that spread from Europe traces back to Croatian mercenaries serving in France during the Thirty Years' War from 1618–1648” - Wikipedia 
Since then, the necktie and other variations like the box tie and cravat have become a very significant part of men’s fashion. From work attire to racing, sports, and celebrations like weddings and black-tie functions, neckwear has become a strong and prominent force. 
Often considered at the end of the buying or hiring of an outfit, neckwear can make or break the look and deserves a little more attention! 
The main neckwear items worn by men are: 
Bow ties 
Cravats, and 
Let’s take a little look at the options and see some of the range we stock at Heaphys. 
Possibly the first item you think about when you hear the phrase ‘men’s neckwear’, the tie is a humble but important part of many suits and outfits. A tie can be part of a (mostly) formal outfit but there are many instances where a tie suits the informal function or occasion, too. 
Ultimately, a tie is the perfect addition to an outfit that includes a shirt. This is usually (but not exclusively) suit, jacket and trousers, or a shirt with a piece of knitwear. 
The best ties are made from silk or wool. They were commonplace on the working men of the early 1900s where it was very common to see even the hands-on workers with a shirt and tie. 
Now of course, the tie is left to the office or celebration and they’re almost traditional British dress with the classic British businessman being our national symbol (with or without the bowler hat!) 
At Heaphys we have a good selection and can offer advice on what would be best suited to your shirt and outfit. Prices in store start from £25 up to £49.95. 
Bow ties 
The bow tie is associated more with black tie functions and highbrow dressers than the office but it’s an adaptable men’s accessory and one that has seen many changes and fashion trends in its time. One of the earlier images of the bow tie is of those Croatian mercenaries and then became associated and linked with the French cravat. 
A bow tie is often associated with evening dress as it finishes off an evening suit and is preferred over a tie as you can’t dip it in your soup starter! 
Which is also a good reason why a bow tie has been popular amongst old school professors and Science teachers. 
Famous bow tie wearing gents include Charlie Chaplin and Winston Churchill as well as modern day musicians such as Pharell Williams and Andree 3000. 
We stock bow ties at Heaphys, and prices range from £13.95 to £39.95 
The flamboyant and stylish cravat is steeped in French history and style. The cravat is still popular to this day thanks to its versatility and comfort. Traditionally worn by our Croatian friends from the introduction above, the word cravat actually comes from the French word 'cravate', which rather amusingly was a simple mispronunciation of the word 'croate', meaning Croatian. 
A cravat can be worn in a few different ways; tied around the neck inside the collar a la Noel Coward, as a scrunch tie for a wedding, or just tied loosely and hanging with a tie pin. More recent cravat fans include Peter O’Toole and Nicolas Parsons who follow in the footsteps of cravat lovers David Niven, Michael Caine, and Alan Whicker. 
Thanks to Alexander McQueen, the cravat rose to popularity again in 2014 and has been a common sight on the catwalks and red carpets since then. 
A true winter warmer, the scarf comes in many style, colours, and fabrics. As soon as the dark nights roll into the UK, the scarves come out of hiding and become a welcome, warm addition to a man’s commute and outfit. 
A scarf comes in a variety of styles and fabrics but although its primary purpose is to keep you warm there are many silk scarves for dresswear, worn like a cravat. These are also preferable for men who find that wool can be a little irritating against their neck. 
Whether you’re looking to keep your neck warm, or going for the accessory to set off your winter coat, we have plenty of scarves to choose from in store, in Warwick. 

A wide selection of mens ties and neckwear in Warwickshire 

Every style, for every occasion 
Pop in to Heaphys to choose a scarf for yourself or as a gift. Prices range from £15 to £59.95. 
All Heaphys, all our neckwear is sourced and tested by our experienced team so you can buy (and wear) in confidence. 
We’ll help you to look and feel superb. 
Contact us now or call into Heaphys shop in the centre of Warwick. 
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