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A customer came to us recently and asked if we offered a bespoke suit service and ultimately our response was 'No'. We explained in detail about our 'Made to Measure' suit service and the customer was, until then quite confused about the type of suit service he was looking for. 
The first company he'd approached had told him that they offered "bespoke suits" but the process, price and finished product was nothing like what he thought would be a bespoke suit. 
This happens frequently. 
The terminology is being generalised and used incorrectly through certain parts of the menswear industry which can make having a clear understanding difficult. So we wanted to explain to you how it works. 
Firstly, there are quite a number of different reasons why you could want to have a suit made. It could be for a special occasion, because you want to look really sharp and feel good, because you want to create a certain look or because off the peg suits don't fit you very well. It could be a combination of reasons. The "WHY", or the reason you're choosing to have a suit made is what you should keep in mind when you visit a store or a tailor in order to finish with exactly what you're looking for. 
Did you know that there are 3 main ways to have a suit made in the U.K.? 
Here are the different options, it’s important to understand the differences between each one; 

1. Personal Tailoring. 

Cost £250 - £600 approx 
Taking a size block and a limited selection of makers own cloths Personal Tailoring gives you a “customised suit” to your dimensions with a choice of details such as linings, buttons or thread colours. The store will usually have a range of sample suits for trying on and fitting and then things like leg length or arm length will be adjusted shorter or longer on your order. 
This is beneficial if you are a fairly regular size and shape and want a suit that's a little different to what's available off the rack and if you're on a budget. 
This may not be the option for you if you want a suit that fits really well or if you have broad shoulders and a narrow waist or vice versa. This system is usually available in chain suit stores like Moss Bros or Peter Posh. 

2. Made to Measure 

Cost £659 - £2,000 
A made to measure is sometimes referred to as a tailored suit. There's a vast variety of cloths to choose from along with all of the details from above. A Made to Measure suit is made entirely from scratch to your dimensions, taking into account your shape and figure. You can be more specific about style and fit here too. It doesn't have to be a suit you can have a jacket or casual blazer made, some trousers or breeches or even an overcoat. 
This is perfect if you want a suit or garment that fits you very well and is without limits in style, cloth and measurements. The measurements are taken and the garment is made in a factory in England or in Europe and your suit will arrive complete in around 6 - 8 weeks. 
We have been providing this service for many years, and our staff are highly trained in measuring. 

3. Bespoke (Tailor Made) 

Cost £2,500 + 
A Tailor Made Bespoke suit is made by hand by a Tailor. In the U.K. this often takes place on the same premises as you are measured and you will have 2, 3 or even 4 fittings... it's quite an experience! Saville Row in London is the preferred place for this. It’s highly skilled and you have many cloths to choose from. 
A bespoke suit will fit you perfectly, like a glove and if you're someone who naturally adds or loses a few pounds here and there the fittings will help to make that allowance. 
The thing to remember here is it can be easy to feel mislead by a shop or a sales person so it’s best to make sure you understand what you’re getting to avoid disappointment. 
If you're still a bit unsure we are always here and are happy to chat and hopefully point you in the right direction. Having a suit made is an experience. With a second-to-none service and 175 years of suit-making expertise, at Heaphys you can’t go wrong. Book yourself in today 
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