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What to Wear in Summer 2021
This spring time the team at Heaphys have had their proverbial ears to the ground. Finding out what colours, fabrics, and styles are going to be available and, most importantly sought after by our discerning customers. 
As we have seen previously, some suit styles come and go and some seem to stay around forever. This is certainly the case today, although when it comes to colour it’s often the red carpets and catwalks that have a creative influence. 
Read on as we delve into the suits that are on trend for summer 2023. 

What is a summer suit? 

First and foremost it’s important to understand what is considered a summer suit. 
The most important characteristic of a summer suit is its weight. A summer suit should be made from lightweight fabric or it could be slightly heavier like a medium weight if the fabric is of the right quality. It should never be a heavy tweed or any other thick cloth. 
A summer suit is often found in a light colour like white, cream, beige, light grey or light blue but can be any colour as long as it’s light and cool to wear. 
As always, try to avoid fully man made fabrics like polyester, nylon or viscose as these can often be uncomfortable when you get hot. Cotton, fine wool, linen and silk are the materials to look for. 

How do summer suits fit this year? 

Jackets are a slightly easier fitting across the shoulders giving room for manoeuvre. A closely fitted jacket in warm weather can feel restricted, trapping body heat, quite literally too close for comfort. 
Your trousers should always echo the style and fit of your jacket and this year we’re seeing a slightly higher waistband position, still with a plain front and some room in the leg width. Always wear your trousers the correct length (just on the shoe). Please no bare ankles on show. 

I need a summer wedding suit, what suit should I buy? 

There are several answers to this question and as you can imagine, there are quite a few options. To help narrow the field the most important factors to consider are:- 
The location of the wedding 
The time of year 
The colour scheme. 
For a formal church wedding ceremony followed by a manor house style venue we’d usually recommend a suit in blue, grey or black but if you’re off to a more casual venue afterwards like a converted barn a lighter coloured suit in a neutral shade might be on point. 
As mentioned before it’s best to get a suit made from a lighter fabric with natural fibres for extra comfort. It could well be a hot day and you’ll likely be wearing it all day so it’ll need to perform. 
The colour scheme is extremely important if you are the groom (obviously) but it can be useful too if the groom has asked you to be a groomsman and asked you to buy a suit. He’ll usually give you an idea of what colour to buy. If you are attending as a guest it’s quite nice if you complement the wedding colour theme. For instance if the colour theme is pink for the bridesmaids, you could choose a navy suit with a burgundy tie as burgundy complements pink. 

So what suits exactly are on trend in summer 2023? 

Here in a nutshell is a list of suits for summer you can expect to find available at good retailers like Heaphys, that are on trend for the summer of 2023, and also some suits that are definitely not on trend. 
Easy fitting single breasted suits made from lightweight fabric in:- 
Light grey 
Light blue 
Mid blue 
Dark grey 
Black tie dinner suits in different fits and styles are on trend. 
Black, teal and silver velvet jackets with dress trousers. 
Contrasting waistcoats are a nice addition for a wedding, particularly a check. 
Wider fitting trousers and double breasted suits are high fashion looks and available through made to measure. 
Heavy fabrics - too hot for summer 
Skinny fit suits - too tight 
Tweed style suits - Peaky Blinder type suits are declining in popularity now that the long running TV drama has finished. 
So to summarise, if you’re looking for a suit to wear this summer you should be looking for light fabrics in a comfortable fit in light grey, brown, blue or navy, or for a smart evening wedding look it’s a black dinner suit “tuxedo” style outfit. 
The team at Heaphys in Warwick will happily show you the various options in more detail whilst learning about the reasons you're looking for a new suit. 
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