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In the latest Heaphys blog we explain why it’s important to buy British this winter. 
As we embrace winter time and the colder months once again here in the UK we want you to consider a few things before handing over your money when making a purchase. 
In the last few years we have noticed a growing desire of conscientious shoppers to want to know more about the products they’re buying. Simple questions like “where was this made?” and “what is it made from?’ are being asked. We believe this is because talk in the media has raised awareness about climate change, poor working conditions for workers in certain factories around the world, and for some, the potential long term benefits the “Brexit” decision could have on our country’s industries. 
Buying British has many of the answers and here’s why:- 

Buying British is better for the planet 

This is the most important reason to buy British.  
Buying a product from a British brand that’s (importantly) made on these shores from UK materials is so much better than something that has come from half way around the world and has components produced in various countries. The impact of transport alone comparatively is huge. Brands who make in their own British factories can keep a better eye on quality meaning the product is more likely to last longer and be of a better quality to begin with.  
Did you know that British manufacturing quality ranks 4th best in the world according to Statistica’s “Made In Country” Index 

Your product is easier to trace 

These days it’s so easy to learn about a brand online, they’ve all got a website of their own and if they’re 100% British they’ll be shouting about it. If the name sounds British but they leave out information about where the products are made then chances are they have factories overseas but just aren’t prepared to tell you about them. 

You’re supporting British industry 

If UK citizens don’t buy British products the British manufacturing industry can’t grow. 
In the menswear clothing industry alone there are still many companies that make socks, shoes, leather goods, neckwear, knitwear and tailored clothing here in the UK and these rely on farmers of wool, crafts people, woollen mill workers and leather tanneries. Buying homegrown menswear supports all of this. 

It helps British retailers 

Purchasing British products from good local retailers is not only great for the brand it’s good for the retailer too. It’s much faster and easier for the retailer to source more stock to replenish, and it’s easier and quicker to fulfill a special order on behalf of a customer as all stock will be held in close proximity compared to overseas based brands. Win-win for everybody. 

How can you tell if a product is made in the UK? 

In our experience there are quite a few standout British menswear brands that most people have heard of and we’ll be listing those next. If you’re shopping in a physical shop (the best way in our opinion) look closely at the labelling on or inside a product. 
If it’s made in England or made in Britain it’s likely to say so quite clearly. Particularly if there’s packaging. If you see a union jack flag it should mean it’s a British made product but still check the labelling. If something is not made in the UK or E.U. it has to state where it is made by law. 

Which brands are British when buying at Heaphys? 

Naturally we want to tell you a little bit about our british brands in store and currently we are proud to offer British made products from 10 British made brands. 
Alan Paine 
Founded in Godalming in Surrey in 1907, Alan Paine is a long established knitwear and country wear maker. 
One of England’s finest shoe makers. Still handmade to this day in their factory in Desborough near to Kettering, Northants. 
A name known around the world for making leather gloves in England by hand since 1977. 
Hunt & Holditch 
Makers of high quality dress wear including waistcoats, bow ties, cravats, handkerchiefs and braces for special occasions. 
Based out of Yorkshire, founder Darren Farrell creates Retro inspired neckwear and other accessories from luxurious natural fabrics. 
Our maker for Made to Measure offering suits, jackets, trousers, casual and formal coat styles, all with the option of making in the Lambton UK factory. 
Based in Kettering, Northants since 1880 Loake make handmade welted leather shoes in a variety of styles. Continually evolving its collections to suit trends and demands. 
Probably the finest socks in England made in Leicester - the home of British hosiery - since 1937. 
Only really discovered by Heaphys a few years ago. Peregrine is known for high quality British knitwear and outerwear with all wool and textiles made in the UK. 
Woven in their very own factory in Slaithwaite near Huddersfield, Slaith offer fine British knitwear in vibrant colours made from lambswool or merino wool qualities. 
If your'e shopping with us and want to know more about the brands we stock we're happy to tell you everything we know about where and how they're made. We pride ourselves on good knowledge and are passionate about the products we sell. 
Questions, comments, or feedback?  
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